Customized High Quality Plastic Mold for Auto Parts

Customized High Quality Plastic Mold for Auto Parts

Overview Product DescriptionWe are a source manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in plastic mold manufactu


Basic Info.
Model NO. 01
Application Car
Runner Hot Runner
Design Software UG
Installation Mobile
Certification ISO
Standard HASCO
Customized Customized
After-sales Service Pre-Sale: Offer Fob Quotation Within 2 Hours, Opti
Transport Package Packaging: Vacuum + Wooden Box Shipping Method: Se
Trademark Customized
Origin China
HS Code 84804100
Production Capacity 500sets
Product Description
Product DescriptionWe are a source manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in plastic mold manufacturing. We provide high-quality solutions for customers free of charge, provide the most favorable quotation, and save more costs for customers. We have successfully opened many European markets -- we look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.
I.Hongsheng Precision Mold Manufacturing Co., LTD. 's auto parts plastic mold includes automobile front and rear baffle plastic mold, dashboard plastic mold, rearview mirror shell plastic mold, front and rear wheel cover plastic mold, light plastic mold, tuyere grid plastic mold and so on.

In case of sample only and no product 3D drawing:

1.Three coordinate measuring point

2.Product drawing production

3.Mold gate analysis

4.Mold drawing design and production

5.Customer confirmation

With product 3D drawings:

1.Product drawing analysis

2.Mold gate analysis

3.Mold drawing design and production

4.Customer confirmationAutomotive plastic mould is a kind of equipment which is widely used in automobile manufacturing industry to1. Improve production efficiency: automotive plastic moulds can make auto parts that meet the requirements efficiently and precisely, thus improving production efficiency and reducing costs.2. Improve product quality: the parts made by automotive plastic moulds have high precision and beautiful appearance, which meet the high quality requirements of automotive industry.3. Flexible and versatile: the automotive plastic moulds can be customized according to different design requirements, thus meeting the production needs of different kinds and brands of cars.4. Save resources: Auto plastic moulds can be reused, which reduces the waste of resources and also reduces environmental pollution.5. Improve safety: the parts made by automotive plastic moulds are of stable quality, which can ensure the safety of the operation of the car.To sum up, as an important tool for automobile manufacturing industry, automotive plastic moulds have the advantages of improving production efficiency, product quality, flexibility, saving resources and improving safety.

Dongguan Hongsheng Precision Mould Manufacturing Factory is a professional enterprise engaged in mould manufacturing. With advanced equipment and technology, we are committed to providing customers with high quality mold products.Our factory has an experienced R&D team, who are able to design and manufacture various types of molds according to customers' needs and requirements. Whether it is plastic molds, metal molds or complex injection molds, we are able to provide professional solutions.

Customized High Quality Plastic Mold for Auto Parts

Dongguan Hongsheng Precision Mould Manufacturing Factory also has a plastic injection molding workshop can achieve integrated production, from mold design to injection molding one-stop service, improve production efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, the mold manufacturing plant can be customized according to customer demand, to provide customers with more personalized injection molding products solutions.

Customized High Quality Plastic Mold for Auto Parts

We focus on quality control and adopt strict production processes and testing standards to ensure that each mold meets high quality requirements. We have advanced processing equipment and precise measuring tools to ensure the accuracy and life of the molds.Our mold products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, electronic product manufacturing and other industries. Our customers are all over the world, and they highly appraise our product quality and service.

Customized High Quality Plastic Mold for Auto Parts

Dongguan Hongsheng Precision Mould Manufacturing Factory has a die-casting molding workshop which can realize the integrated production of mold design, manufacturing and die-casting molding, and improve the production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, die-casting molding workshop is equipped with advanced die-casting equipment and technology, can meet a variety of complex shapes and high-precision requirements of product production. The advantage of mold manufacturing factory with die-casting molding workshop is to be able to provide customers with a full range of mold manufacturing and die-casting molding services, to provide high-quality product solutions.As a professional mold manufacturing factory, we always take customers' needs as our guide and provide the best solutions for them. We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our customers for mutual development and progress.Please feel free to contact us if you have any demand for mold manufacturing. We will be happy to provide you with high quality products and services. Thanks!

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