Jun 27, 2023

Datwyler buys injection molding presses for China, Mexico plants

ALTDORF, Switzerland—Datwyler Holding A.G. is increasing its O-ring production capacity, purchasing new Engel injection molding machines at manufacturing locations in China and Mexico.

Specifically, the company is increasing capacity to meet demand in battery thermal management, power electronics, transmission, sensors, and electric braking and driveline systems.

"This local-to-local approach is becoming more and more important to our customers," said Richard Katona, key account manager at Datwyler Mobility. "It is not only more reliable for our customers to have production plants close to them, but more sustainable in terms of transport."

The Engel machines also streamline the process-related waste and provide much more efficient levels of automation.

"Waste volumes are as minimal as the current state-of-the-art allows," Katona said. "This also increases the efficiency of the process and makes it as cost-effective as possible."

The new machines in Silao, Mexico, and Ningguo, China, are able to produce thousands of O-rings every hour, according to Datwyler.

The new equipment in Mexico and China join manufacturing locations in Schattdorf, Switzerland; Daegu, South Korea; Ontario, Ohio; Vandalia, Ohio; and Viadanica, Italy, widening Datwyler's manufacturing and development network around the world.

The new locations bring "increased supply chain security" to customers, Datwyler said.

"Customers in a broad range of industries are asking for fast, sustainable and innovative O-ring solutions," said Bernd Meyer, head of sales at Datwyler General Industry. "With these new machines, we are excited to offer further O-ring solutions to meet their needs."

The new molding machines are customized for Datwyler, specifically with their cold runner systems, the company said.

The customized cold runners allow operators to better manage compound temperatures, maintaining a lower viscosity for the manufacture of precision components.

The machines also provide more cavities and can produce more parts per run.

"The new machine allows the compound to be injected into different areas of the tool, as opposed to a single central area," Katona said. "Different injection points mean greater precision and control over the finished product, which ultimately drives waste out of the process.

"This feeds into our commitment to delivering operational excellence wherever our customers are located, and ensures that parts produced across our manufacturing facilities will be identical and of the same high quality."

Datwyler also revealed that it is developing new coating solutions for O-rings, which are used in mobility, the energy sector, as well as sanitary and air conditioning technology.

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