Jun 23, 2023

The 7 Best Dog Food Storage Containers of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

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Madison Yauger is commerce writer at PEOPLE.

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People / Vicky Wasik

When you bring a dog into your family, there are so many exciting things to get — plushy beds, toys, and collars — but you also have to remember the practical things like dog food storage containers. You don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on dog food only to have it spill or dry out due to a flimsy storage container.

We put 26 of the top-rated dog food storage containers to the test to see which excelled in design, performance, and durability (as well as how easy it was to clean!). Several performed well under duress, withstanding impacts and water dunks and keeping the food contained. After comparing these qualities, we chose the ones we’d feel confident using for our own dogs, and seven came out ahead.

“Moisture, air, temperature fluctuations, and time make an algorithm that determines the shelf life of your pet's food,” board-certified veterinary nutritionist Emily Luisana, DVM, DACVIM, tells PEOPLE. “Too much of any of these aspects may change the taste, nutritional value and/or promote the growth of mold or bacteria.” That’s why choosing the right container and practicing good hygiene when feeding your dog are so important. We loved the Iris Airtight Food Storage Container for its intuitive design, how it withstood impacts (simulating excited dogs at meal times!), and its ease of cleaning.

Out of all the dog food storage containers PEOPLE Tested, these seven held up the best in design, performance, and durability.


The Iris Airtight Food Storage Container is user-friendly, durable, easy to clean, and comes with two chambers and a scoop.

It’s not entirely airtight.

The Iris Airtight Food Storage Container earned perfect scores across the board, making it an easy pick for our best overall dog food container. Our tester said this product was simple from the beginning with an “easy-to-open latch on the lid” and “wide opening so it’s easy to pour food inside.”

Throughout our testing process, this dog food container held up to intense impacts — representing large dogs who simply can’t wait for you to open the container (#hangry!). Our tester said this model “can be vigorously shaken and no food will come out” and that the “lid stayed in place” even after being beat up a bit.

Once you’ve been using the container for a while, and are ready to give it a good cleaning, it will be a simple task with this model. Our tester said it “was very easy to clean and wipe down the inside of the container.”

The only hiccup was the claim that it’s airtight. During our dunk test, some water did get into the container, but complete submergence in water is unlikely, so that’s not a dealbreaker for us. With an included scoop, two chambers for different foods, and wheels for easy mobility, we absolutely love this dog food storage container.

Price at time of publish: $40

People / Leticia Almeida

People / Leticia Almeida

People / Vicky Wasik

People / Vicky Wasik

People / Vicky Wasik

People / Vicky Wasik


This dog food storage container offers a simple design, durability, and a low price point.

It’s not completely airtight, and it did spill some food when knocked over.

We love a good deal, and this dog food storage container offers a simple solution to food storage needs at an affordable price. This is a smaller container — holding up to 10 pounds of food — so it would be ideal for a smaller pet or a dog living in a small apartment. “I could see it easily fitting into a drawer or smaller cabinet,” our tester said.

When tested for airtightness and durability, this container was susceptible to submergence in water and spilled some food when pushed over. That being said, our tester gave it a higher durability score than the larger version of this same food container, and the “fresh-tite” seal should keep food fresh. The shape and size of this container also make it extremely easy to clean.

While this is a budget option, and may not offer the bells and whistles of other models on our list, it provides a secure and fresh place to store your dog’s food for a budget-friendly price. If you’re looking for a basic dog food storage container that’s functional and won’t break the bank, this is the one for you.

Price at time of publish: $15

People / Vicky Wasik

People / Vicky Wasik

People / Leticia Almeida


This premium storage container is ideal due to its airtight chamber, sturdy design, and resistance to impacts.

It’s not as easy to clean.

If you’re willing to drop a dime on a dog food storage container, this is the one you should go for. Our tester described this container as “extremely durable and able to withstand tips and falls.” He said, “Nothing broke when it was dropped and tipped [over],” and following this test, the “lid [was] still on airtight.”

This bin actually proved to be airtight too, because when it was fully submerged underwater, the food stayed completely dry! It was “double locked” with an “airtight seal” according to our tester, and all the food “remained in normal condition” after the test without any sogginess.

The only mild complaint is the lack of scoop and difficulty cleaning the inside of this container. “The outside is made of a more coarse plastic which makes things stick to it easier, causing a harder cleanup.” Our tester also said it was “hard to clean the inside due to the design and smaller opening,” and that “the rubber seal absorbs the dog food.”

While this isn’t a feat of interior design by any means, it is a solid and highly durable food storage container that will keep your dog’s food secure (even when facing the outdoor elements!). Its secure lid and lock will keep out moisture, rodents, and trap any dog food smells within. Our tester said he “would definitely purchase” this container.

Price at time of publish: $275

People / Leticia Almeida

People / Vicky Wasik

People / Vicky Wasik

People / Vicky Wasik


This airtight container stays true to its name because it is actually waterproof, and easy to use and clean.

The stainless steel material can dent if kicked.

This stainless steel container is sleek on the outside and efficient on the inside. With a simple lid and latch combo, wide space for pouring food, and secure and airtight chamber, this container will keep your dog’s food fresh longer, and protect it from bugs and accidental spills. Our tester appreciated the “liner bin that is easy to remove” and the wheels which provide mobility.

She said during the impact test, it remained “perfect and secure” and “no food fell out.” The magnetic scoop also stayed in place, making it easy to find when you need it (right inside the lid). During the water test, this container impressed our team with its ability to keep food dry. Despite being completely submerged, and some water seeping into the exterior chamber, the internal bin where the food is kept remained dry.

While our tester observed that the stainless steel material might not hold up well to scratches and dents, it does provide stability. It’s also “super easy to clean,” since you can pull the liner bin out and just rinse it in the sink. Overall, we really appreciate all of the features of this container and that it lives up to its title of “airtight.”

Price at time of publish: $130

People / Leticia Almeida


This fortress of a storage container is perfect for outdoors as it can survive heavy impacts, hold up against inclement weather, and keep food protected from critters.

There are no airtight sealants and the lid is somewhat tricky to put on.

If you need an outdoor dog food storage container, the Behrens Galvanized Steel Can will keep your pet’s food secure. Our tester noted that this can passed the shake test beautifully — “when turned upside down and shaken, no food came out.”

With stellar impact-resistance, this can was “extremely durable and able to sustain being kicked, pushed, and tipped over,” said our tester. “[The] container held up perfectly and showed absolutely no signs of wear and tear.” He also said the can was easy to clean — you can just give it a once-over with a cleaning wipe.

He did note that there is no pour spout or airtight sealant, and the lid “did not easily go on,” but these aren’t dealbreakers to us. The lid having a tight fit makes it more secure from pests and spills, and you shouldn’t be pouring food directly into the container anyway, so there’s no need for a pour spout. This dog food storage container is well-priced for the value, and would make a great addition to any dog owner’s backyard.

Price at time of publish: $33

People / Leticia Almeida


This small container is ideal for little dogs and offers a whimsical design, easy maintenance, and durability.

It’s not waterproof.

This 15-pound storage container has just enough space for small dog food. The exterior offers several design choices with playful expressions and prints — the one we ordered featured an adorable bulldog holding the word “food” in script. Our tester was pleased with the sturdy latch, and “loved that this came with a scooper and has a spot for it to be hooked in.”

She said since this container performed well with the shake and tilt test, but failed the dunk test, she believes it would be more effective as an indoor container. “I think the latch works really well and a dog would not be able to get it open.”

Our tester appreciated the easy cleaning of this container as well as under the lid. “The scoop can [also] be thrown in the dishwasher,” she added. She described this container as a “great value” and we have to agree. Considering all of the qualities, this container is a solid purchase for someone with a small dog, and should last for years to come.

Price at time of publish: $39

People / Vicky Wasik


This simple but effective container is perfect for food on the go, and offers durability for travel.

It’s somewhat difficult to wash.

If you like to take your dogs on adventures with you, but don’t want to risk missing a meal time, consider using this kibble carrier for food on the go! This vinyl bag is PVC-free, and insulated with a food-safe PEVA liner. Our tester said it was “very easy to open and close,” and doesn’t seem susceptible to punctures.

The exterior fabric “with a rubberized lining” makes this bag highly durable. It passed the shake test without error and kept all the food intact within. “The top of the bag folds down and closes like a dry bag,” our tester said.

On each side, there are extra storage pockets for treats, waste bags, and anything else you may want to bring with you. The special hex-weave material helps keep out critters and keep in any oils or odors from the kibble. Cleaning requires hand washing and air drying, which our tester said would be “difficult with the rubber lining.” Overall, we believe this is a perfect travel container to have your dog’s food on hand when you go out on your next outing.

Price at time of publish: $22

People / Vicky Wasik

The size, or capacity, of your dog food container will depend on the amount of food you need to store. Dog food bags for large dog breeds tend to mimic the size of the dogs, so you’ll need a larger container — say enough for a 50-pound bag — to properly store the food. For smaller dogs, the kibble and bags themselves tend to be smaller (10-to-15-pound bags), so a more compact container would work just fine.

If possible, try to look for a dog food storage container with an airtight seal. During our tests, few containers survived the dunk test (though situations where your container will be completely submerged underwater are rare) so having an airtight seal can keep the food fresh longer, and in most cases, keep moisture out.

When you’re looking at food storage containers (as well as dog bowls) you should consider the material. Most dog food storage containers are made from plastic or stainless steel. “Investigating this, and other realities of pet food handling, was the focus of a study I published earlier this year with North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine,” says Dr. Luisana. Her study focused on bowls, but the materials are the same, so her findings also apply to storage containers.

“We found no difference in bacterial counts between plastic bowls and less porous materials such as stainless steel or ceramic bowls,” she says. “Additionally, bowl material may affect the taste of food for some animals. For example, plastic bowls may retain odors or food residues and pets receiving certain medications such as chemotherapy may be adverse to metal bowls.” Where you store the food container will also determine which material is the better choice for you.

Where you plan to store the dog food will affect the qualities you need to look for. If you’re keeping the container inside in your kitchen or pantry, then you’ll likely want a secure latch your dog can’t get into and a well-designed container that looks nice in your home. If you’re storing the container outdoors or in a garage, you’ll want to make sure it’s airtight to keep moisture and small critters out, and that the exterior is highly durable to withstand inclement weather.

Generally yes, although you should check to make sure the plastic is BPA free. BPA, or bisphenol A, is a harmful chemical used to make plastics, especially storage for food and drink products. According to Brent A. Bauer, M.D. at The Mayo Clinic, BPA can seep into foods from containers themselves, and pose harm to those ingesting the food. While it’s FDA-safe in small amounts, consistent exposure can negatively affect your health, so it’s best to stay away from it when possible. BPA-free containers will have it marked on the label.

The short answer is no. “The most common misconception I see regarding pet food storage is the container,” says Dr. Luisana. “Most pet owners dump the contents of a pet food bag into a container, but this actually can make the food degrade faster, and can convey old tastes or bacteria to a new batch of food. If pet food has direct contact with the container, fat can separate from food over time which can promote rancidity. Some owners even report seeing their pet become less interested in the food as it gets to the bottom of the barrel. Pet food manufacturers typically create their bag as part of their storage system and may study the food's shelf life in this way.”

Of course, dog food bags don’t always go with the aesthetic of our homes, and if not sealed properly can contribute to stale food, so a container is still necessary. “I recommend keeping food in the original bag, rolling it down tightly to remove excess air, and then putting this bag in an airtight container. Keeping the bag also allows you to have information you may need in case there is a recall or if your vet has questions about your pet's food,” she says.

Dr. Luisana actually studied pet food handling and storage as part of her postdoctoral studies and co-authored a research article about dog feeding practices. “Most of us wouldn’t eat off of dirty dishes, but we found that 22 percent of dog owners in our study washed their pet food bowl only once weekly (and 18 percent washed less than every three months or not at all),” she says. “Dirty pet bowls can be sources of bacteria and other studies have found pathogenic strains in bowls. This could be especially concerning in households where pets or people are immunosuppressed or those with young children.”

The same thought applies to dog food storage containers — they need regular cleaning to keep out harmful bacteria and keep your pet (and the rest of your household) safe! The FDA suggests cleaning out the container in between placing each new bag of kibble. “A few other tips for safe pet food handling include washing your hands before and after feeding your pet, avoiding foods that have a high risk of contamination (like raw foods), and not using the same surface to prepare your pet's food as human food,” says Dr. Luisana.

People / Vicky Wasik

To find the most worthy of dog food storage containers, we poured kibble into 26 different containers and put them to the test — looking at design, performance and durability, and ease of cleaning. Our testers considered how user-friendly each container was, how secure the latch was (dog-proof?), and how it looked to rate the design. Then came the physical portion of tests. By shaking, tipping, and dunking these containers underwater, our testers determined which ones would stand the test of time — excited dogs knocking them over, sitting outside in the rain and keeping food dry, protecting against spills, staleness, and other hazards. Finally, they emptied the containers and wiped them down to see how easy or difficult they were to clean. Using all of these insights and considering the price, the testers assigned each container an overall value, and we used those to choose our top seven dog food storage containers.

Madison Yauger is a PEOPLE commerce writer covering beauty, home, travel, and other lifestyle topics. Her work has appeared in Food & Wine, Real Simple, Health, Martha Stewart, and more. For this list of the 7 best dog food storage containers, she compared design, durability, and tester insights on 26 containers. We also consulted Emily Luisana, DVM, DACVIM, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, on what to look for in a storage container, and Brent A. Bauer, M.D. at The Mayo Clinic on why choosing a BPA-free container is important.

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