Nov 21, 2023

The 50 cheapest, most impressive things on Amazon

Simplify your life without raising that credit card bill.

These days, you don’t have to drop half your paycheck to indulge in a little online shopping. Just scroll through this list, and you’re sure to stumble on a gadget or two you didn’t know you needed until now, all for prices that are more than reasonable.

From chic water bottles to cutting-edge running gear and everything in between, there’s something here for absolutely everyone; just don’t be surprised if your guests won’t stop ooh-ing and ahh-ing at your next dinner party.

If you’re powering through the latest season of your favorite show and you start to notice your eyes are getting tired, invest in this LED backlight, which evens out the difference between your dark living room and your bright TV screen. Not only can it help with headaches and dry eyes, but it'll brighten your viewing experience with richer colors and increased contrast onscreen (minus the uncomfortable glare). Plus, it's equipped with inline controls that let you adjust the brightness of your LEDs to customize your viewing experience, and it's designed with a strong 3M adhesive that sticks firmly to the back of your TV.

This powerful portable charger keeps your devices powered up without overloading their batteries, and its scratch-resistant surface means it’ll travel beautifully in your bag, no matter where you go. Its slim size belies its potency since it has enough battery power for two full charges on an iPhone 13 and can effectively power up an iPad mini. It’s also equipped with short circuit protection and temperature control to keep your devices in excellent working condition. This is an especially smart buy if your device has a faulty battery life since you can charge phones and tablets on the go, making it an excellent choice for concerts, sports games, and outdoor adventures.

This rechargeable book light brings all the nostalgia when you’re ready to read at night, and it makes an excellent adult upgrade to the flashlight you used under the covers as a child. It's equipped with three convenient settings to customize your reading experience: use the white mode to help you focus, the daylight mode for illumination that mimics the sun, and the amber mode to reduce eye strain from blue light (since it works just as well with tablets and e-readers as it does with physical books). Each light features a flexible neck that lets you read from any angle, and two arrive per pack.

This automatic bottle opener will make a great gift for any beverage enthusiast, but bottle cap collectors will especially appreciate its intuitive design, which shouldn’t damage caps in any way. Simply set your bottle on a table, push the opener onto its lid, and pop the cap off — it's seriously that easy. Since you won't have to twist off stubborn lids, it's a great choice for anyone who'd rather not strain their wrist. Its timeless aluminum design and high-quality stainless steel mechanism ensure it's built to last, so you'll be the hero of every bar crawl and barbecue for years to come.

Not only will this soothing scalp massager promote hair growth by stimulating blood flow to your scalp, but it’ll make your shower feel like a luxurious spa (seriously — it feels amazing). Use it in conjunction with your favorite shampoo, and it’ll thoroughly remove grease, dandruff, and debris for a deeper clean than ever before; its convenient handle helps you maintain a firm grip while you scrub. It's made of a high-quality silicone material that's free of BPA, phthalates, and lead, and you can use it in or out of the shower, depending on your cleansing and relaxation needs.

The next time you're in charge of cooking breakfast for the family, reach for this Belgian waffle maker; its eight-inch nonstick plate gives you hassle-free access to the waffle you've just cooked and makes for easy cleanup when you're done. It's designed with an adjustable temperature control that lets you customize its heat level, so whether you prefer something soft or you like your breakfast pastries on the crispy side, you'll be good to go. Its long cord lets you cook from just about anywhere in your kitchen, and its handle is safe to touch, even while you're in the middle of a large-scale waffle preparation effort.

Upgrade your WFH experience with this ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard, which makes it so much easier to type on all your devices, from smartphones to tablets and everything in between. It features the QWERTY layout you know and love, along with the volume and brightness control keys that help you customize your devices. Plus, its energy-saving design and automatic sleep mode allow you to wait up to four months between charges, so you can trust that you'll be well-equipped for every workday.

Connect your phone to this waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker, and you'll be able to belt out your favorite tunes from the privacy of your bathroom; just don't be surprised if your roommates join in the karaoke session. Its small size belies its capacity for volume since it'll play your music with crystal clear sound quality that fills the room, no matter how loud your shower might get. It's small enough to toss in your bag and take just about anywhere. Just charge it for up to three hours, and its battery life will last for up to 12, so you can spend all day at the beach or pool without needing to plug in.

These weather-resistant grill lights might be just what you need to take your grill game to the next level; their high-density LED bulbs shine bright to illuminate your burgers, hot dogs, and veggies for a smarter way to cook. Each light is equipped with a strong magnetic base that'll latch onto any metal surface, holding it securely in place while you grill, and each light comes with a flexible gooseneck you can use to turn it in your desired direction. Each pack comes with two lights.

Keep your workspace clean and happy with this desktop vacuum cleaner, which rotates all the way around to clean corners and crevices that might ordinarily be hard to reach. Its capture nozzle picks up large and small debris with the utmost ease, so your desk, laptop, and nightstand will be completely free of dust and dirt when it's finished; simply power it with two AA batteries or with a USB cord, and it'll run smoothly for up to 90 minutes at a time. Because it operates so quietly, you can use it while you work without disturbing your flow state.

If you struggle to stay hydrated throughout the day, invest in this fruit-infuser water bottle; you’ll love the variety afforded to you by its endless flavor possibilities. Just add your favorite fruit to its convenient compartment and take a sip. From strawberry to kiwi and everything in between, you might be surprised by your own creativity, and since hydration is key to a healthy routine, you might start to notice benefits that go beyond your palate. Plus, its one-touch flip top and shatterproof exterior make it easier than ever to carry your water around without ever spilling a single drop.

Make the most of your kitchen counter with this roll-up drying rack, which you can lay over your sink for an easier dishwashing process. It's made of sturdy and durable stainless steel that resists rust, so you can keep using it for years to come, and it's fully waterproof with the ability to bear up to 33 pounds at a time, so it'll support even your heaviest cookware. When your dishes have finished drying, you can simply roll up your drying rack and stash it in a nearby cabinet or drawer for a convenient storage option that frees up space for all your favorite culinary gadgets.

If you're looking to upgrade your backyard barbecue game, this three-in-one stuffed burger press is an excellent place to start; simply place the meat or meat substitute of your choice into the mold, add your desired filling, and press down for delicious burgers just the way you like them. Its versatile design allows you to make sliders and patties, so you can customize your lunch depending on your mood. It's designed with a nonstick coating that's dishwasher safe, so you can clean up without the hassle once your guests have all gone home. Because it's so easy to use, it makes a great family activity that can help kids hone their culinary skills and participate in the process of cooking dinner.

With this leakproof hanging garbage bin, you’ll be able to keep trash off the floor of your vehicle for an easier clean when you arrive at Point B. Attach it securely to your headrest, console, or side door with its adjustable strap, which makes it beyond easy to customize for your car, and throw away anything you like, even food waste, since it's designed with a thermal waterproof material that stops leaks and spills in their tracks. When you buy, you'll receive 20 extra liners, so you can hit the road in style and keep those empty snack bags in their proper place.

Use this convenient colander to wash fresh fruits and veggies after each trip to the farmer’s market; simply adjust its size to fit your sink, and when you’re finished, stash it in a drawer for easy storage until your next produce haul. Its evenly spaced holes keep food securely in place, no matter how intense the water pressure, and when it's stretched over your sink, its raised design is far enough away the bottom of your sink that your ingredients will stay squeaky clean. Plus, it's sturdy and durable enough to withstand years of use, and it resists heat up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's safe for use with high temperature ingredients and water.

This battery organizer will comfortably hold up to 93 batteries at a time, so you’ll never be left empty-handed — and it even comes with a removable tester that helps you keep your collection in working order, from AAAs to Ds and everything in between. You’ll also appreciate its transparent lid design, which helps you find what you’re looking for at a glance.

Keep your beverages cold at the beach with these skinny can coolers; their double wall insulation technology maintains the temperature of your seltzer for up to 12 hours, minus the sweating and condensation. Each cooler is made of premium stainless steel, triple coated with gloss, and coated with powder for a chic finish that maintains its construction over time; all you have to do is slide in your favorite beverage, and when you're ready for round two, just unscrew its lid and replace it with a full can. The best part? You can choose from 25 adorable colors and patterns to accommodate your sense of style. If you're planning a getaway with your best friends, you can surprise everyone with their own custom cooler.

These reusable Swedish dishcloths act like superheroes in your kitchen; they’re tough enough to scrub the stubbornest of food stains when they’re dry, and they’re absorbent enough to mop up even the toughest spills when they’re wet (seriously — they’ll absorb up to 20 times their own weight). They're safe to use on surfaces of all kinds, including marble, tile, and stainless steel, and their plant-based material is fully biodegradable, making it a smarter choice for the planet and your kitchen. Best of all, each cloth is the equivalent of 15 paper towels, and when you buy, you'll receive 10 cloths, so you won't have to buy paper towels for months on end.

Prevent blisters and burns with this 13-inch splatter screen, which keeps you safe from hot splashes while you cook for maximum safety in the kitchen. Its extra fine mesh blocks 99% of the splatter that comes from cooking with hot oil, and it's conveniently sized to fit just about any pan, so you'll only need to buy one. When you're finished in the kitchen, you can simply toss it in the dishwasher for a deep clean, and you're good to go; since it resists rust and heat, it'll last for years to come, and you can even use it as a cooling rack or strainer to get more bang for your buck.

If you’re the proud parent of a cat or dog who tends to shed on all your favorite furniture and clothing, invest in this effective pet hair remover for a convenient solution that works without the use of adhesives or tape. All you have to do is roll it back and forth along the offending surface to trap fur and deposit it into the built-in receptacle; when you're happy with the end result, you can press down on the release button to empty it out and keep going. Because it works without any disposable elements, there's nothing for you to replace or refill, making it a cost-effective choice that's unbelievably convenient.

The next time you cook your favorite breakfast dish, use this bacon grease container to catch any leftover oil, and you'll have a delicious new way to season popcorn, pancakes, and anything else that could use a bit of bacon flavor. Its hidden strainer separates out unwanted particles, and its easy-pour spout ensures that the grease will go only where you want it to (and not all over your kitchen table or counter). Plus, it'll hold up to five cups of grease at a time, so you'll have more than enough to flavor your favorite foods at almost no additional cost to you.

If your old ice tray just isn’t doing the trick anymore, reach for these upgraded ice ball trays, which give you up to six crystal clear ice balls at a time for a fancy way to keep your drinks cold. They're equipped with easy-to-use funnels that let you fill them with water to create stunning spheres, and they're made of high-quality silicone you can put in the freezer, microwave, or dishwasher. When it's time to serve up a beverage or two, you won't need to crack or twist these trays; just give each mold a gentle push, and you'll have a deliciously cold drink that makes you feel like a movie star.

This four-pack of brush scrubber attachments is more than equipped to clean your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen with a level of effectiveness and intensity your home has never seen before. Simply attach a brush to your power drill and scrub away dirt, grout, and anything unsightly you'd like to clean; the nylon bristles are gentle enough that they won't scratch your surfaces, so you can clean everything from rugs to toilets with the knowledge that your belongings will stay totally damage-fee. Each color corresponds to a different level of bristle softness, making it easy to choose the right one for the job at hand.

If most of your workday requires typing at a computer, you might want to invest in this silicone gel wrist cushion, which reduces fatigue for increased comfort while you get your stuff done. Its soft silicone material reduces pressure on the joints and muscles in your wrist, making it significantly easier to type for long periods of time. Because it's made without fabric, it's incredibly easy to clean. Plus, its ergonomic design will beautifully fit the curvature of your wrist, and you can use it in conjunction with a mouse pad you love for serious support.

No movie night is complete without a big bowl of delicious popcorn, and this silicone microwave popper is the perfect vessel for your favorite cinematic snack. Because it's made of silicone, it's completely shatterproof, and it's designed to spread heat evenly across its surface, so almost every kernel will end up completely popped. Just pour your kernels into the bowl, add the oil and flavorings of your choice, and pop it in the microwave for up to 15 cups of crisp popcorn; its convenient handles make it super easy to carry back and forth from the kitchen, so you’ll know just what to do when you’re ready for a refill.

Whether you’re beginning a new life as a digital nomad or simply jetting off to a new destination for the weekend, this durable set of packing cubes will help you organize your bags for maximum efficiency. Each cube is made with a durable nylon material and layered with mesh to let your belongings breathe; if you unzip your suitcase to find a major shampoo spill, never fear - your clothes will be fully protected, since the whole set is waterproof. All five bags were specifically designed to work in conjunction with one another, so one set will help you achieve an optimal packing situation for vacations of up to 14 days.

Instead of aggressively greasing your favorite bakeware with cooking oil, use these reusable silicone baking mats, and let the butter do its real job, which is making your recipes taste delicious. Each mat features a nonstick design that makes them unbelievably easy to clean; just rinse them in warm, soapy water, and even the stubbornest of burnt food stains will fall right off. When you buy, you'll receive four mats, so you can expand your baking operation with the utmost ease. Each mat resists heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, so you know it'll withstand even the hottest cookies and cakes.

When you’re driving down the highway, the last thing you should be doing is rummaging around in your purse or under your seat; that’s where these car seat gap organizers come in — they’ll keep your essentials close at hand, so you can keep yours on the wheel. It's made of stylish vegan leather that's durable and waterproof, so you can use it for years to come, and its adjustable spacers let you customize the way they fit into your car. As a bonus, it'll catch loose items that have a tendency to slip between the cracks, including spare change, cell phones, and sunglasses.

Experienced baristas and at-home amateurs alike will love this cold brew coffee maker, which comes with a funnel and a measuring scoop for maximum accuracy with every recipe. It's made of a rugged borosilicate glass that's entirely temperature resistant, no matter how cold your cold brew may be, and its fine mesh filter traps more grounds than the competition for a deliciously rich flavor every time. You'll be able to prepare your favorite beverage in a matter of minutes and make it last for weeks, saving you money on expensive trips to the coffee shop each morning.

Pasta enthusiasts will absolutely adore this clip-on colander, which boasts an adjustable design that saves space in your kitchen and streamlines your pasta experience. Because you can customize its size, it'll fit beautifully onto all of your pots, pans, and bowls, so you can pour your pasta water directly into the sink without the unnecessary song and dance of switching it back and forth between receptacles. It's made of food-grade silicone that's entirely BPA-free, and it resists heat up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit, so even the hottest spaghetti or fettuccine won't wear away its durable material.

Make the dishwashing process just a little easier by investing in this nonslip soap dispenser, which you can use with just one hand at a time for maximum ease and efficiency while you scrub. All you have to do is press down on its top plate, which will then dispense just the right amount of dish soap directly onto your sponge; it'll hold up to 13 ounces of liquid at a time, so you'll hardly ever have to refill. The best part? It's designed with stable, nonslip feet that keep it securely in place on your kitchen counter, so it won't slide off slippery surfaces, no matter how much your sink begins to resemble a bubble bath.

Watch your favorite shows or dive headfirst into a good book with this tablet stand holder; because you can adjust its design to achieve your desired viewing angle, it’s a great fit for just about every device. Its compact size makes it incredibly easy to slip into your purse or suitcase when you're on the go, and its silicone pads protect your devices from scratches and scrapes, which helps extend the lifespan of your favorite technology. It's an especially smart choice for hands-free use.

Invest in this gourmet meat tenderizer to take your carnivorous cooking to the next level; it’s made of sturdy aluminum and stainless steel, so you can trust it’ll hold up, even if you use it every day for years to come. Its texturized side comes with evenly spaced grooves that make it optimal for use with a variety of meats, and its smooth side will help you pound and flatten cutlets. You'll also appreciate the hole in its ergonomic handle, which lets you hang it up for a convenient storage option that takes up very little kitchen space.

Instead of dropping half your paycheck on lattes and cappuccinos at the coffee shop, pick up this handheld electric milk frother, and you’ll be able to concoct all your favorite caffeinated drinks from the comfort of your own home. Its robustly powerful motor will whisk and aerate milk into a thick foam in just 15 seconds; all you have to do is supply two AA batteries, and you'll be ready for your honorary barista license. Its silicone rubber handle is ergonomically designed for your comfort, and its stainless steel wand is incredibly durable. Some people even use it to scramble eggs in the morning.

This sharp stainless steel pizza cutter will help you serve your favorite family meal with the utmost style (and safety, since it comes with a blade cover to keep your fingers safe when it’s not in use). Instead of rolling over your pie like a traditional wheel cutter, it'll rock back and forth to slice smoothly through the sauce, cheese, and dough without moving a single topping out of the way. It's made of food-grade stainless steel that's entirely rust-proof, so you know it's built to last. As a bonus, it’s also dishwasher-safe.

The next time you hit your favorite hiking trail, you’ll want to bring this small and lightweight hiking backpack, since you can fold it up and store it to maximize bag space while you’re on the road. Its large compartments and convenient pockets make it a great storage option for protein bars, water bottles, and sunscreen, and its waterproof material means you can take it on boats or rafts without damaging your belongings. When you've reached your destination or you simply don't need the extra baggage, simply fold it up, and it'll turn into a tiny pouch that takes up almost zero room in your rucksack or suitcase.

Whether you prefer your salads Greek or Caesar, use this stunning salad chopper to take your greens to the next level at a budget-friendly price. Simply place your ingredients in the bowl and rock your salad chopper back and forth for a delicious meal in a matter of moments; it's designed with two wide blades that work doubly as fast as its single-blade counterparts, and its wide gap lets food pass through with ease. Of course, you can use it with ingredients that extend beyond salads; nuts, herbs, and even chocolate will be easier than ever to chop. “This is well-designed and well-engineered,” raved one reviewer. “I love the way its simple configuration fits my hand as I am working.”

If you love to cook, you might consider investing in these cut-resistant gloves, which keep your fingers safe so you can slice, dice, and julienne to your heart’s content (without the battle wounds to show for it). They're made with a polyethylene, spandex, and fiberglass fabric blend that's four times stronger than leather and 10 times stronger than steel, so your hands will stay fully protected from even the sharpest knives. Both gloves are ambidextrous, so you can wear either glove on either hand for convenience, and their breathable design keeps you comfortable and dry while you cook.

One of the smartest things you can do as an apartment dweller or homeowner is to maximize the space you already have before outsourcing to a storage unit — that’s where these under-bed storage containers come in. They're made of a nonwoven polypropylene material, which is lightweight and breathable to keep fabrics looking and feeling amazing, and their reinforced handles make them super easy to maneuver. You'll also appreciate their clear plastic covers, which allow you to find what you're looking for at a glance. when you buy, you’ll receive two containers, so it couldn’t hurt to buy multiple sets.

Upgrade your kitchen utensil collection with this slim spatula set, which includes four mini versions of your best-loved culinary tools. When you buy, you'll receive four spatulas of varying shapes, all of which are made of food-grade silicone that resists corrosion for maximum durability. These spatulas are handy in the kitchen, but they're also great for when you're trying to scoop out the last little bit of a favorite cosmetic product since they’ll fit seamlessly into smaller tubes and jars.

If you’re traveling with enough technological devices to start your own Best Buy, you might want to invest in this waterproof cable organizer, which helps you keep track of your devices and protects them from the elements. Each case is equipped with three removable padded dividers, which let you customize its layout to design the storage system that works best for you. Each one is fully waterproof and shockproof to keep your tech safe and secure, no matter where life takes you. Whether your collection consists of mostly cables, SD cards, or cameras, you'll be able to transport the goods from place to place with the utmost safety and security.

Meal preppers will adore this bento box, which you can toss in your bag and take to work for a delicious lunch every day. It's designed with three leak-resistant dividers, which slide and snap into place to separate your food, and you can customize the size of each section each time you pack your meal in the morning. You'll also appreciate its freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe material, which allows for easy storage and cleanup, and its spillproof lid, which keeps your food securely in place.

The next time you’re bringing home a massive haul from Trader Joe’s, use this reusable insulated grocery bag to keep food from overheating in the car. When you choose this tote over its disposable counterparts, you'll replace countless plastic grocery bags, making it a kinder choice for the planet and your wallet. Its triple-layer thermal insulation fabric keeps your food fresh by maintaining its temperature, no matter how long the drive home may be. It's spacious enough to fit groceries of all sizes, making it a smart choice for picnics, parties, and days at the beach, and with a 40-can capacity, it might just replace your old cooler.

Gone are the days of balancing a cup of sauce on your lap in the car; with this ingenious sauce holder, you can clip your favorite condiments onto the dashboard for safer snacking on the go. Its versatile design will hold sauce cups and pouches of all shapes and sizes, and it'll hold securely to your air vents, be they vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, even when the road gets particularly rough. Its universal mount can rotate and lock into 16 different positions to accommodate every angle, and its variable gap size will fit onto thin and thick slats, so all you have to worry about is choosing between honey mustard and barbecue.

The next time you hit the track or the trail, bring this adjustable running belt with you; it’s spacious enough to hold all your essentials, from gels to cell phones and everything in between, and it’s lightweight enough that it won’t weigh you down. It's designed with a secure zippered pocket to keep your belongings in place, a small water bottle holster for hydration on the go, and a reflective strip for safety when it gets dark outside. You'll also appreciate its adjustable belt strap, which you can loosen or tighten to fit waists from 22 to 50 inches in circumference.

These washable refrigerator mats will help you store all your favorite foods and ingredients without staining shelves, so your fridge will look (and smell) as good as new for years to come. Each mat is specifically designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and oilproof, so even the stickiest and most stubborn foods will wash right off with just a swipe or two from a damp cloth. You can also tailor them to fit your fridge by cutting them down to the correct size. Because they're made of high-quality EVA, it's totally safe for them to touch your food.

This fun and functional Nessie ladle features a unique design that’s so cute, it’s almost legendary. It's made of a food-grade material that's fully BPA-free — and it's fully heat resistant, so no matter how hot your soup or stew might get, Nessie will be more than ready to scoop up a spoonful or two. The best part? This ladle stands fully on its own, so you won't have to rest it directly on the countertop or waste a paper towel to keep your kitchen clean.

Use this adjustable box organizer to maximize space in your kitchen cabinets and make room for the materials you use every day. Each organizer features a spacious base level and two customizable shelves, which you can adjustable to fit boxes of any size. It stands firmly on four nonslip feet, which keep it securely in place while you go about your culinary business. Plus, it's incredibly easy to set up in just a minute or less (no tools necessary), and when it's fully assembled, it'll hold up to 20 pounds at a time on its strong steel wire supports. You can buy it in one of four sizes.

Amateur sommeliers and experienced professionals alike will love this premium wine aerator, which improves the taste and smell of your favorite beverage for an enhanced drinking experience. Here's how it works: While you pour, its plate regulator evenly spreads out your wine to maximize air exposure, and its air hole aerates while you pour; when it hits the aeration point, it'll infuse your drink with just enough oxygen to enhance your drinking experience in a major way. Its tapered rubber base helps it fit snugly into each end of every bottle without dripping or spilling, and its elongated spout makes for a consistently gorgeous pour; when you buy, you'll receive two aerators, so you can give one away or keep both for your next dinner party.

No matter where your outdoor adventures take you, this quick-dry microfiber towel should absolutely have a spot in your backpack. Its compact size makes it an excellent option for packing, and it dries fast and resists odor once you're out of the ocean (or the shower) for maximum hygiene. It's also designed with a convenient loop that comes in handy when you're hanging it up to dry. The best part? It'll absorb up to seven times its own weight in liquid — so no matter how rough the seas may be, you can trust that when you’re back on land, you'll be clean and dry in no time.