Jul 03, 2023

Sylvia Moore, Shintech Inc.

Sylvia Moore fell into the plastics industry by chance. She applied for a role at CertainTeed in McPherson, Kan., "when PVC was emerging into products," she said. "Pipe was booming, and siding was just beginning. The challenges of PVC really interested me. … To this day, 47 years later, I am still learning and being challenged to solve problems."

As the director of technical development, Moore works with Houston-based PVC supplier Shintech Inc. and K-Bin Inc. customers when they have processing issues and represents Shintech at trade organization meetings. Moore also is a board member for the Vinyl Institute of Canada. She was the president of the Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association for two years and on the board of directors.

In 2021, the National Association of Manufacturers honored Moore with its STEP Ahead Award. She's also been awarded the Vinyl Institute's Roy T. Gottesman Leadership Award, the Society of Plastics Engineers' outstanding service award and several joint patents.

"Doing the Wolverine Siding startup was a huge accomplishment," Moore said. "My son was 9 months old when I moved to Michigan for the startup; I knew no one and the plant had part of the roof caved in from the blizzard. In 10 years, we grew the business to $75 million."

At this point in her career, Moore said she emphasizes giving back to the industry and being a good mentor to people entering "the world of PVC."

"I am also trying to help the PVC industry recycle very bit of material that we can. There are more logistic problems than the actual technique of recycling problems. Sometimes it is as easy as connecting the dots," Moore said.

Moore said she continues to work past the standard retirement age because she enjoys what she does: "Shintech and K-Bin have great products. The industry still has a lot to offer the world in good products that add to the quality of life. Giving people safe drinking water; a roof over their head; and a beautiful, safe home is important as well as all the medical supplies that save lives every day."

"Sylvia is an icon in the PVC industry. … Her leadership on industry issues is tireless, and many associations in North America rely on her intelligence, her guidance and her determination to take on the most challenging industry issues and work them to solution," said Aiñe Curran, president and CEO of the Vinyl Institute of Canada and past Women Breaking the Mold honoree.

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