Aug 18, 2023

Pure Maintenance Announces New Partnership with Mold Stain Removal Expert Dot

Utah-based mold removal specialist, Pure Maintenance, announces a new partnership with Dot.

Layton, Utah , Aug. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pure Maintenance, a Utah-based mold removal expert known for its demolition-free mold remediation method, announces a new partnership with cleaning products manufacturing company Dot. Founded in 2007 by Mike Adams, Pure Maintenance has developed VaPure, a unique methodology based on patented fog technology. This innovative method enables the effective treatment of mold spores in residential and commercial buildings without the need for costly and invasive demolition.

With its new partnership with Dot, an expert in surface cleaning and removal of light and heavy mold growth, Pure Maintenance intends to ensure an environmentally friendly mold remediation and stain removal experience for its clients. Their patented fog technology releases minuscule particles that permeate every corner of a building, thoroughly eliminating toxic mold spores upon contact with suitable surfaces.

This cutting-edge approach developed by Pure Maintenance along with Dot’s proprietary mold stain removal technology has the potential to eliminate the laborious and disruptive tear-out methods previously employed for mold and pathogen removal.

Commending on the new partnership, Brandon Adams, the CEO of Pure Maintenance says, “We are extremely happy to join hands with Dot. We believe that the unique new class of chemistry employed by Dot will undoubtedly align with our VaPure technology. The partnership will further enhance our mission to ensure a mold-free and healthy environment for people across the globe. Our partnership program receives a remarkable response from individuals and organizations. We have a significant presence beyond the United States including the UK, Australia, and Canada. We intend to join hands with more companies who share our vision”

Dot is the subsidiary of Sudoc LLC, a company that specializes in manufacturing cleaning products with its patented nature-inspired chemical technology. Under the brand Dot, Sudoc has developed a line of cleaning products that make the otherwise difficult stain-removal process easy and effective. The founder of the company, Roger Berry has a remarkable experience of over two decades in investing and leading companies with a sustainability-first approach.

“The partnership with Pure Maintenance will allow us to provide more people with our unique mold stain removal service. Our technology and the methodology we follow are perfectly aligned with the safe and secure mold removal system provided by Pure Maintenance. We are committed to providing a clean and toxic-free environment to our clients even after the mold stains are removed from their properties”, says Roger Berry, CEO of Sudoc, the parent company of Dot.

The partnership program offered by Pure Maintenance provides entrepreneurs with unique opportunities in the mold removal industry. Partners get exclusive territorial rights over their designated areas. The licensing system of the company eliminates the burden of royalty payments for partners, unlike traditional partnership models in the industry. In addition, the company offers comprehensive training and support, allowing the partners to utilize its technology and support system.

By partnering with companies that share the same passion and mission, Pure Maintenance demonstrates its unwavering commitment to ensuring a mold-free environment for people across the globe. Its patented technology and unique licensing model provide companies with hassle-free partnerships and business opportunities. Looking forward, the company seeks to partner with more like-minded companies to extend its service to as many people as possible.

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