Oct 25, 2023

kuo duo applies kerf bending to mold recycled plastic into chairs

KUO DUO’s KERF PLASTIC Series is a collection of vibrant recycled plastic furniture that explores new approaches to materiality and construction. Through its ongoing experimental project, WORD PLAY, the Korean design studio has delved into the limitless possibilities of material construction. Inspired by the similarities between plastic boards and plywood, KUO DUO sought to showcase the application of the kerf bending woodworking technique to craft a chair, armchair, and bench for a Korean clothing brand. This approach allows the once rigid and thick plastic boards to transform into flexible, contoured shapes screwed together without the need for heat, glue, or chemicals.

KERF PLASTIC Bench for Re;code flagship store | all images courtesy of KUO DUO

For Korean upcycling brand Re;code’s exhibition, RE;COLLECTIVE Milan, and their new flagship store in Seoul, KUO DUO conducted fresh experiments in creating a series of furniture using recycled plastic boards. For the designers, the objective was to demonstrate the untapped possibilities of shaping three-dimensional objects with this versatile material.

Following a series of experimental tests, KUO DUO recognized the resemblance between the materiality of plastic boards and plywood, and more flexible qualities of plastic board. The designers then decided to apply a woodworking technique to craft the vibrant furniture objects. Without the need for glue, heat, or any chemical processes, the once rigid 30T plastic boards became pliable and effortlessly took on their new forms. Using the kerf bending technique, the materials are shaped into a chair, armchair, and a bench — each finished with vibrant, abstract surfaces.

KERF PLASTIC Series explores new approaches to materiality and construction

application of the kerf bending woodworking technique molds plastic into chairs and benches



the kerf bending technique molds rigid plastic boards without the need for heat, glue, or chemicals

vibrant, abstract surfaces

the series continues KUO DUO’s ongoing WORD PLAY project

exhibited at the RE;COLLECTIVE Milan exhibition

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name: KERF PLASTIC Series designer: KUO DUO

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