Jun 10, 2023

12 Best Camping Storage Boxes & Bins for Your Gear

Bring some order to the chaos of backseats and closets stuffed with camping and outdoor gear with these rugged, utilitarian storage bins


Bob Myaing


Courtesy Rux

Image courtesy RUX

Staying practiced in a spectrum of outdoor pursuits requires two things: time and the gear to get it done. As urban dwellers with finite storage space, keeping track of all our crap gear investments can be quite a task. We stuff backpacks and tote bags with our climbing shoes, hiking boots, camp lanterns, and so on. It can be a real challenge to remember where that one piece of gear is hiding without a very dialed system.

More organized outdoor people have long relied on bulky, plastic, clear storage bins to haul their gear from the basement or closet to the trailhead and campsite. Now, brands from the outdoor industry have worked up storage options designed explicitly for storing gear at home, hauling equipment in your car camping vehicle of choice, AND to the campsite or crag. Whether you live in the exurbs, the city, or a van, these camping storage boxes, bins, and containers will help make your life easier in more ways than you might imagine.

Below we'll breakdown the ins and outs of what makes our top picks special. Read on, take some notes, then embrace a more organized like (perhaps give your gear closet a proper KonMari while you're at it).

It might seem like an obvious overstatement, but the size is probably the first thing to consider. For example, a huge 100+ liter bin might sound nice but think about lugging that thing up and down from a second-story walkup. Instead, two individual 50-liter containers would allow for easier backseat Tetris-ing, with the added benefit of keeping your camp kitchen and cookware separate from dirtier outdoor gear.

Some of these gear storage containers use flexible materials (Cordura, nylon) mated to a frame, which is collapsible when empty to save space. The more bombproof gear containers mold themselves in hard plastic, tested to handle significant, repeated drops through a lifetime of service.

This trait tends to follow closely with the material selection. Heavy-duty, rigid containers for outdoor gear will keep the weather out as long as their closures are well-considered, but don’t overlook the soft-sided bins that use welded seams and fully-waterproof materials to keep your sleeping bag bone dry.

It makes all too much sense that Yeti would offer an uninsulated version of their popular hard cooler to use as a camping storage box. And while many brands choose to sell a host of accessories separately, Yeti kindly includes an inner lid organizer, drop-in trunk organizer, and vertical divider. The GoBox lacks the bear-proof honor of its coolers but happily keeps out dust and weather. Just don’t get it mixed up with your actual cooler, or you’ll be sipping warm beer all weekend. Available in a 15 liter, 30 liter, and 60 liter sizes for your various needs, plus a pleasing limited edition Camp Green color.

Volume: 60 litersWeight: 17.2 poundsPrice: $300SHOP NOW

This BC-based brand specializes in storage and transport containers. Here, they champion its namesake storage container to offer outdoorsy people of all types a better way to transport their equipment. The Rux 70L pairs a strong, flexible TPU-coated nylon with a composite nylon frame, making it both lightweight, waterproof, and capable of being packed flat when empty. Once loaded, a set of adjustable handles allows for carrying over a shoulder or as a backpack. Campers can easily access items from inside with the lid removed or by flipping up one of the foldable portions; a transparent panel on one side allows for a quick peek of the container’s contents. An ecosystem of components makes this container one of the most modular systems we’ve seen yet.

Volume: 70 litersWeight: 5.3 poundsPrice: $298SHOP NOW

We’ll typically gravitate towards a closed-top storage bin, but sometimes the ability to overload a lid-free bin is useful for items like firewood or stacks of camp blankets. This stainless steel bin from the high-design-minded folks at Snow Peak stacks neatly in its normal configuration and also when the hinged points are flexed open wide. For an at-home outdoor aesthetic, stack together a couple of the 25 liter models in your mudroom or utility space.

Volume: 50 litersWeight: 12.1 poundsPrice: $170SHOP NOW

Front Runner specializes in gear for to outfit the overlanding adventurer with everything from rooftop tents and car awnings to these sturdy plastic storage bins in its catalog. Saving valuable interior space, the Wolf Pack Pro boxes are intended to live on roof racks, secured by heavy-duty latches while highly resistant to dust and water. Save yourself a little cash by ordering them in pairs or quads and fully organize your gear with compartmentalized perfection.

Volume: 30 litersWeight: 8.1 poundsPrice: $80SHOP NOW

The mountain gear geniuses at The North Face put forth a design that combines heavy-duty fabric with an internal frame, providing substantial storage volumes at a fraction of the weight other hard body cases often come with. It might not be the best choice for scenarios where a heavy-duty submersible box is king, but the stackable large and medium gear boxes will suffice for organizing car camping trips.

Volume: 86 litersWeight: 5.5 poundsPrice: $175SHOP NOW

The overland accessory brand ROAM Adventure Co offers several sizes of their Rugged Cases, starting at 55 liters and up to a ginormous 160-liter gear trunk. Each of the six volumes of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) containers comes in four colors to choose from, with interlocking contours that inhibit stackability between all sizes. With the higher price tag also comes a complete list of features: rope and rubber handles, dustproof and weathertight gaskets, and locking steel latches. For further organization, add a MOLLE panel or a lid organizer to the inside of the case’s lid.

Volume: 86 litersWeight: 21 poundsPrice: $309SHOP NOW

Travel refrigeration turned general camp equipment brand Dometic now makes camping gear storage bins that give serious toaster vibes (in a good way) with clean, brushed aluminum sides. The midsize locker sports a hinged lid that accesses the dustproof and waterproof interior, capable of nesting smaller 10-liter and 20liter Soft Storage bins ($109-149). High-impact-resistant polymer tops and bottoms protect your stuff with interlocking stackability should you end up with a few of these in your trunk or pick up bed with some tie down straps.

Volume: 50 litersWeight: 13 poundsPrice: $150SHOP NOW

This high-impact plastic storage trunk takes the cake on the biggest bang for your buck, offering the highest volume-to-dollar ratio out of our entire list. Given the low weight of the high-volume trunk, it’s probably safe to assume it lacks the long-term durability that other options provide. If throw-it-off-a-cliff ruggedness isn’t your top concern, then this budget bin still offers several attractive features: a pair of integrated rolling wheels, molded grooves for stacking, port for a padlock, and a removable lid.

Volume: 102 litersWeight: 7.7 poundsPrice: $45SHOP NOW

Trusted by photographers, videograpers, and travelers of all sorts with very expensive gear; Pelican cases are the very definition of bomber. The storage experts’ lineup now includes a full suite of cargo cases and boxes explicitly designed for rugged terrain and harsh weather while fastened to the roof racks and truck beds of macho overland vehicles. From steel latches to the mounting hardware, every inch of the roto-molded case has been designed to go far without restraint.

Volume: 55 litersWeight: 19.3 poundsPrice: $320SHOP NOW

It’s not your regular Rubbermaid bin; it’s the Rubbermaid bin you grab when you need to pack for action: car camping trips, kayak outings, and all that good stuff we’re all about. The durable plastic storage bin features a removable, lockable lid for easy gear access. For dry food storage or organizing groups, camp essentials like camp lanterns, its smaller 8-gallon ($40) storage organizer counterpart.

Volume: 90.8 litersWeight: 11.5 poundsPrice: $50SHOP NOW

The OG outdoor recreation outfitters storage solution takes the concept of a packing cube and ups the scale to 100-liter ($109) and 140-liter ($139) storage bins for camping gear. The featherlight bins use strong 300 and 1,680-denier polyester (super heavy duty) with a water-resistant DWR treatment and foam panels to give it some structure. When unloaded, the large-format bins fold for easy storage in the back of your closet.

Volume: 140 LWeight: 3.7 poundsPrice: $139SHOP NOW

Milk crates are the storage bins of the people, and storage brand Sidio took on the task of reinventing them from the ground up as a hyper-modular storage system for anyone and everyone. Available in Full ($32) and Half ($22) sizes, the made-in-USA crates fit an entire array of add ons: handles, lids, dividers, and even casters to push around a neat, colorful stack of the camping storage containers. Instead of using virgin polypropylene, Sidio uses 100% recycled post-consumer plastic to mold its crates and add-ons.

Volume: 33.3 litersWeight: 5.5 poundsPrice: $32SHOP NOW

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Published 08-08-2023